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This is our grand entry for Screen Solution’s into the vastness that is the internet and also my first attempt in the blog o’sphere, so here goes…

After becoming the masters of our own destiny by buying ourselves out of a franchise , we have moved from strength to strength and we are now modernising some of our internal practices to best suit our expanding needs and of course looking at our “Virtual Presence “.

In what is turning out to be a day of firsts, first website, and our first blog and for the company the first (and possibly the last after speaking to guys carrying the gear up 7 flights of stairs) glass front reception counter screen glazed in “Sea Green” glass.

That is being installed even as I write this, such a special project our Production Manager is on site to over-sea the install and has ended up on one end of the screen carrying it up the stairs as it’s too big for the lifts, which can be common in the central city.

Pictures to be posted in our Gallery and on our Facebook page.

Being a close knit family business we are focussed on the company 24 hours a day 7 days a week even if we are only clocked in for 8hrs 5 days a week, often one of us is burning the midnight oil to come up with solutions to the coming weeks production or one of us wakes up and scribbles something down on paper during one of those Eureka moments ( often as is the case, what seems good in the wee small hours…. but in the light of day , the rest of us glaze over with the “ what the hell were you thinking” look on our face).

Our staff really does pride themselves in being able to achieve what I throw at them and are committed to deliver a good product to our Dealer network, as they are our lifeblood.

We bend over backwards for our dealers and we can honestly say that we will do all we can to help you get the Office solution that you need.

That level of partnership enables us to focus on getting a high quality product, on time, off the factory floor, while they directly look after their client’s needs.
I think one of the things that really sets us apart is that we are a New Zealand owned and operated Family business that designs and manufactures right here in NZ. Every job is slightly different from the last and every job is tailor made specifically for the client’s needs.

We are committed to “keep New Zealand working” this is something we are proud of, employing New Zealanders to build a great steadfast New Zealand product right here!!!!!

Go New Zealand!!!!

As we head towards the fast approaching end of year, I think we at Screen Solutions can look back and be glad of what was achieved during a testing year for us.
We head into the challenges of the new-year ready to accept the challenges thrown at us.
Looking forward to the official opening of our showroom, a suite of new products and to get this blog going so we can hear all of comments and questions over the coming year…..

Merry Xmas
Perry, Annette and the Screen Solutions Team.

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